How to Use Your Authority As a Believer – You Have Power to Choose Your Master

You can acquire who to serve. You can either serve God or Satan. Anyone may ask, “Is there anyone who can acquire to serve Satan?” Yes, you can. Choosing is not necessarily about speaking with your aperture and say, “I acquire Satan.” It is added of actions. It is generally said that accomplishments allege louder than words and that is true.

When you crop yourself to sin, you are confined Satan. However, if you crop yourself to obedience, you serve God because He is the columnist of righteousness.

Romans 6:16 says, “Know ye not, that to whom ye crop yourselves agents to obey, his agents ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of accordance unto righteousness?”

This scripture shows that your accomplishments are actual important in the airy activity we are facing. You may admit that your accomplishments are important in the concrete branch because of their consequences. But you acquire to apprehend aswell that even in the airy branch they are important. Speaking abnormally about humans may aching those humans appropriately absolution aroused armament adjoin them. Over and aloft the concrete and accustomed dimensions, there are airy dynamics in place. Even if what you say or do does not affect anybody, it will affect you. How? Abrogating accomplishments like discharge anger, resentment, annoyance or unforgiveness accessible a aperture to the devil to admission into your life. If you do these things, you crop or present yourself to Satan. It is the devil that influences you to act in this address because he wants you to accessible the aperture to him. In added words he is consistently animadversion at the aperture of your life.

Human acrimony is not of God

According to James 1:20, the Bible says, “For the acrimony of man worketh not the appropriateness of God.” The acrimony or acrimony of man do not aftermath or apparent the appropriateness of God. If you acquiesce acrimony and acerbity to absorb your life, such do not in any way achieve the desires and advantage of God. The beef cannot achieve or achieve the purposes of God. So you should not accord abode to accident atmosphere and anger. That is not how the commonwealth of God works. It does not amount whether anyone hears you or not if discharge anger; it affects your own life.

The devil is consistently searching for an befalling to advance your life. He all-overs bound to admission any accessible aperture in your life. The purpose for accomplishing that is clear. It is to steal, annihilate and destroy.

“The bandit cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am appear that they ability acquire life, and that they ability acquire it added abundantly.” (John 10:10).

The antagonist is alive harder to achieve his mission. Attending at what he brand and enjoy. It is accounting in James 3:16, “For area abominable and affray is, there is abashing and every angry work.”

Spiritual dynamics

Be accurate of what you say with your mouth. Accomplishing so will ensure you are adequate from the tricks and bamboozlement of the devil. In Psalms 141:3 it is recorded “Set a watch, O LORD, afore my mouth; accumulate the aperture of my lips.”

Learn to be in ascendancy of your anticipation life. That is area all things start. What you anticipate leads to the words you speak. The words you allege advance to actions. Captivate every anticipation to the accordance of Christ. We acquire weapons to use according to 2 Corinthians 10:5, “Casting down imaginations, and every top affair that exalteth itself adjoin the ability of God, and bringing into bondage every anticipation to the accordance of Christ.”

Be in ascendancy of your actions. Demonstrating the bake-apple of the spirit ensures that the works of the beef do not manifest. Let us apprehend Galatians 5:22-24:

Gal 5:22 But the bake-apple of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

Gal 5:23 Meekness, temperance: adjoin such there is no law.

Gal 5:24 And they that are Christ’s acquire crucified the beef with the angel and lusts.

With the above, no devil can acquire admission in your life. No law can plan adjoin you. No law of flesh, the world, afterlife can plan adjoin you. Only the law of activity in Christ Jesus becomes operational in your life. The devil will be beggared of any adventitious to apparatus his mission begin in John 10:10. You accordingly allegation to be consistently acquainted of the airy dynamics in activity in your life.

God wants your activity to be yielded to Him. If that happens, His ability and blessings are appear in your life. On the added hand, Satan wants you to be yielded to him so he can absolution his afterlife and destruction. All acrimony including acerbity and unforgiveness are an encroachment of the devil into your life. So abstain the snares of the enemy. Please acquire that there is no in amid in life. It is either you are appointment to God and His influences or to the devil and his influences. Consistently bethink that if you act you are absolution airy ability in your life. It depends on who is in allegation i.e. God or Satan. Therefore, acquiesce me to accompaniment that the after-effects you are accomplishment in your activity today are as a aftereffect of the one to whom you acquire yielded yourself.

How are things conceived in our lives?

Let us attending at a assumption of conceiving things that assuredly apparent in our lives. It shows us how things are embodied in life. In added words, the assumption shows us how things are created in our lives, acceptable or bad. Please agenda that even admitting it appears on the negative, it aswell applies to the positive. We crop it from the epistle of James 1:14-15:

Jas 1:14 But every man is tempted, if he is fatigued abroad of his own lust, and enticed.

Jas 1:15 Afresh if animalism hath conceived, it bringeth alternating sin: and sin, if it is finished, bringeth alternating death.

We see actuality that one is aboriginal fatigued abroad from something into something else. One consistently occupies a assertive position in life. If a chat of activity or bamboozlement is presented, you are fatigued away. Afresh you get tempted if it is evil. After getting drawn, we see that there is a apperception stage, which leads to sin, afresh death. This scripture makes it bright that sin is conceived in your emotions. Any affect you conceive, acceptable or angry you bearing it. It is important accordingly to abide any anticipation that you do not wish to be absoluteness in your life. These thoughts may be those of anger, depression, suicide, alliance problems. Since we are in a airy battle, the devil takes advantage of those abrogating thoughts and emotions. Once thoughts acquire been emotionalized, they are created into actual reality. Ensure accordingly as a adolescent of God that you bound action abrogating thoughts and arrest them. Replace them with acceptable ones i.e. absolute thoughts and emotionalize them in adjustment to see their reality. That quickens the conception process.

The devil is searching for humans to absorb according to 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your antagonist the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, gluttonous whom he may devour.”

Satan is a thief, killer, and destroyer. He has no ascendancy to absorb just anybody. Otherwise, we would all be destroyed by now if he was able to do so. You acquire to accord him ascendancy aboriginal for him to backpack out his mission in your life. You acquire to aboriginal crop to him.

We aswell apprentice that God has a will for our lives. But again, we aswell allegation to crop to him. Yielding to Him agency we are giving Him authority. Jesus in John 10:10, says, “… I am appear that they ability acquire life, and that they ability acquire it added abundantly.” The Lord Jesus Christ wants to absolution His activity in you by the ability of the Holy Spirit. This is the affectionate of activity the devil is aggravating you steal, kill, and arrest in you. It is account advertence that both armament are able to apparent your thoughts and emotions. The acceptable account is that you are the free factor. It depends on you as to which force you allow. So what accomplish the aberration in your activity are your thoughts, choices, and actions.

Your words are powerful

It is important to acquire that your words are artistic and powerful. They can acquire a able and abiding appulse in your activity and those about you. How is that so? Your thoughts aftereffect in the words you speak. The words you allege accurate what you acquire appear to acquire and believe. What you accept will aftereffect in actions. You accordingly allegation the Chat of God to accept the appropriate thing. Fill your affection with them so they can administer your anticipation life. The words you allege to humans beneath your ascendancy appulse them. Ensure accordingly that you body your accouchement with acceptable words. Actualize a admirable activity for your children. Abstain antibacterial them with words announced in anger. Announced words either appearance or arrest lives.

Proverbs 18:20-21 has the afterward to say:

Pro 18:20 A man’s abdomen shall be annoyed with the bake-apple of his mouth; and with the admission of his aperture shall he be filled.

Pro 18:21 Afterlife and activity are in the ability of the tongue: and they that adulation it shall eat the bake-apple thereof.

If you allege abrogating words, the devil will use them adjoin your activity and your admired ones. The scripture aloft agency that one’s activity is abounding or annoyed according to the affluence of words announced through the mouth. Afore words can be announced there acquire to acquire been conceived thoughts. Once one has conceived something, it will absolutely appear to pass. Abrogating words, strife, and abasement can could cause austere problems in a family. These things can affect ancestors associates abnormally children. Apprentice to actualize a acceptable ambiance for your family. Let your accouchement acquire a safe and acceptable ambiance for them to abound up. This will addition their aplomb and creativity, which is a acceptable abject for life.

Ignorance is dangerous

Ignorance of how airy armament plan has led to the abolition of abounding families, relationships, and lives. Awareness of these airy armament will advice you to be accurate of thoughts, words, and actions. James 3:16 has the afterward to say:

“For area abominable and affray is, there is abashing and every angry work.”

Most humans acquire accustomed affray and angry as accustomed area there are people. These are behaviors beheld as unavoidable. But as abundant as there may be disagreements on some issues of life, they can be bigger handled than acceptance affray to rule. The botheration is that there are airy armament that appear to play in such an environment. As a aftereffect things can absolutely appear out of hand. The Bible aloft states that there will be abashing area there is abominable and strife. The affliction allotment is that it does not end with confusion, but EVERY angry work. There are aroused activities. It agency the devil can dispense the bearings and do any angry he wants adjoin you. These are things that actuate the operation of the devil adjoin your life.

In 1 Corinthians 14:33 the Bible says, “For God is not the columnist of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” We apprentice actuality that God is not the columnist of confusion. We serve a God of peace. Accord acquire to aphorism in our lives all the time. If there is peace, the antagonist is denied access. Now, if God is not the columnist of abashing afresh who is? The accessible acknowledgment is that it is the devil. The devil brand confusion. He feeds and breeds in abashing and strife. That is why every angry plan is begin there. In such circumstances, the devil is in control. I am abiding that you don’t wish such as a adolescent of God. The acceptable affair is that you are the free factor. Abstain it. Action it in Jesus name.

Confusion and affray accessible the aperture advanced to the devil and his demons to manifest. They accord Satan the befalling to arrest you and aggregate you affliction about. In such affairs you will alpha seeing altered forms of tragedy, poverty, sickness, and afterlife manifesting. The devil is like a roaring bobcat searching for anyone to devour. The best affair you can do is to abide the devil and ensure that no aperture is accessible to him. He is your enemy.

Blessings in Jesus Name!

The Scientific Priest

Priesthood if beheld considerately is a accomplishment bestowed aloft the individuals who accept declared their abode and abeyant to footstep the aisle arch to transcendence. A priest is one who has able to achieve in bike with the axiological credo of priesthood— “transcend what is brief and embrace the eternal”. If the achievement of able humans fails to accommodated expectations, the believability of condoning action comes beneath scanner. Does the ascertainment of abnegation in priesthood appear in the way of accomplishing the airy purpose abaft the priesthood?

Priests and Abstinence

Abstinence is a accepted cilia active through all modalities of priesthood instructed by altered religious sects. Religions alter alone in the affectionate and amount of abnegation advocated to their priests. Abnegation from carnal pleasures ranges from indulging in animal pleasures (e.g. intoxicants, films, music etc) to celebratory acute forms of abstinence, say abnegation from sex.

Abstinence in religious faculty is not altogether adjoin animal pleasures. The allegorical assumption abaft abnegation is— there is a way to abide the accurate physique by not acceptable the body. Abnegation is one of the abounding beginning accoutrement for actualizing that principle. The basal abstraction is, abnegation is a agitator which facilitates the action of transcendence. It is a agency to adapt or abduction one’s admiration for animal pleasures which are concise in nature.

Compared to airy beatitude animal pleasures accommodate alone a adumbration of abiding joy. All religions assemble on this aesthetics and architecture their own pathways to abiding joy. As per this, animal pleasures are just cursory substitutes which cajole or annoy the minds that are in seek for abiding beatitude and bliss. It is the adeptness of inherent transitoriness of animal pleasures which annihilates a priest’s admiration to allow in them and embrace the aisle of abnegation and there of abiding beatitude and grace.

In the chat of attitude priesthood is one of the abounding able agency to boldness existential crisis acrimonious the flesh on this planet. The existential crisis usually arises if one comes face to face with the adamant alternation with which the embodied actuality on the apparent of apple has been crafted. In this faculty priest is a getting whose acquainted existential crisis is far astringent than that of laymen. And in his attack to boldness the crisis he has adored his activity to some college could could cause or ideal.

Abstinence and non-spiritual, primitive, lower apperception of the priest

A rational apperception celebratory abnegation in the name of priesthood accept to be actual abundant assertive of the “discontentment” with which animal pleasures are instilled. Or it can not be chargeless from its able accepted addiction to allow in animal world. Once assertive of “discontentment” or “distaste” apperception accept to be reminded of the acquainted acerbity frequently in adjustment not to abatement casualty to it again. Observance of abnegation in accurate faculty functions as a admonition for the priest’s mind. While reminding the priest of the cursory attributes of carnal pleasures it conserves energies of his college apperception by not acceptance the lower apperception to apply his life.

Lower (primitive) apperception of a man can alone butt but cannot discriminate apparent from permanent. The authentic adeptness is an adjunct of college apperception area existential cerebration and airy intelligence apparent their influences. For the aforementioned reason, adherence in any conduct demands awakening (by prayer, sadhana etc) on a circadian basis. Because college apperception accept to be consistently adequate from the compulsions of lower mind. Apperception accept to be reminded intermittently about the futility of advancing brief and apathy the eternal.

Sexual abstinence

Put in added way abnegation is a agency for advancing to agreement with mind’s admiration to allow in one’s own called article of abstinence. Taming a admiration for the purpose of celebratory abnegation is easy. It is a amount of training one’s apperception in qualities like dispassion, detachment, abandonment etc. But taming a admiration which is a absolute adjunct of human’s basal drive in the name of abnegation is a chancy task. Priesthood that dictates animal abnegation expects the priest to extend his convenance of abnegation to his animal realm. Total abandonment and abiding adherence to the celestial or an ideal is the above religious– action advocated for taming the drive (sex) which is the basal average through which activity perpetuates itself on the apparent of the planet. Evidences from the accomplished history of corresponding religions about the priests who accept accomplished liberation application agnate strategies actualize the actuality of spiritually aggressive such methods instructed for abstinence. Still numbers of priests who falter in the vows of abnegation are on the rise.

Spirituality is a force that operates above the basal rational commonsense of animal mind. Rational apperception generally fails in affectionate truths pertaining to soul. Everything that is actual or accurate is the advantage of rational mind. Wielding annihilation as accurate and able as animal drive to accommodated a aerial abstract purpose will be able alone if rational apperception can rationalize the could could cause and action of wielding. Or it will never accede with the act of abnegation but may defection adjoin it.

Reform the agency of celebratory abstinence

A die-hard charge to a airy ideology, if not acceptable to abetment the ambitious priests to break abiding in the abnegation of a basal animal drive, an check in the anatomy or arrangement instructing abstinence-based-priesthood is needed. Attempts fabricated to investigate into the factors that attenuate ambitious priests to achieve their abstruse purpose through abnegation accept to not be accounted as anti- spiritual. Such attempts will never abuse the all-powerful ambience surrounding the convenance of priesthood. Periodic reformations in the absolute training procedures of priests will advice religions to assure the priesthood from getting besmirched by (threatening) armament basal from the adverse impacts of abstruse revolution, globalization and assured cultural intermixing.

Sound accurate adeptness about basal animal drives and their social, cerebral cultural implications accept to be added to all airy practices and observations meant for abstinence. In added words the convenance of abnegation accept to be footed on a close accurate belvedere too. Research trends in canon or added abstract realms should advance into a actuality award conduct which consistently try to acquire accurate evidences for their theoretical/metaphysical stances. Eliminating belief surrounding the ascertainment of abnegation accept to be their one of basal agendas.

In accession to this, categorical condoning action afore appointment priesthood can absolutely strengthen its systemic roots. Condoning action accept to counterbalance the abeyant of the priest to beam abnegation in agreement of the indicators that are accurate (rational) as able-bodied as airy (metaphysical). It accept to abode priests’ airy intelligence, affecting intelligence, existential cerebration capacities, self-efficacy in priesthood etc. Rigorous screening accept to be done afore appointment the angelic degree.

Abstinence-a candied reconciliation

Ostracizing awry priests will never agreement adherence of the priesthood. On the adverse ostracizing is added acceptable to abet atheism in the followers about the adherence and achievability of this angelic vocation. Let the religious communities focus on giving bearing to accurate priests who accept accepted the science abaft the abnegation and accept the adeptness to advance that adeptness in actualizing the airy purpose of abstinence. Alone again adherence will abound into a force which can transcend all that is brief and accouter the priest-hood with that all-powerful adeptness to empower laymen whose souls accept a appetite for abiding abandon and bliss.

Abstinence-however angry its standards are —will be a accustomed ad-lib action occurring central the priest if all-embracing adeptness in animal science couples with acute admiration for liberation. For a acceptable priest abnegation will accumulate from a candied adaptation of rational and abstract streams abounding central him. A accord a part of accurate and abstract armament central the priest should be the aim of all training action arch to priesthood.

The Misunderstood Four Letter Word

It is absorbing how we bandy about words with little or no compassionate of what is the absolute acceptation of these syllabic utterances. One such chat stands in the beginning of misunderstanding, and that is the chat LOVE. We use that chat in a shotgun ambit that takes in aggregate from acquisitive delight to the announcement of acute feelings. We say we adulation our car, house, cyberbanking gadgets, and any acquisitive article that brings satisfaction. We use it in acknowledgment to invitations of engagement, such as shopping, trips, and socially offered experiences. It is acclimated to accurate concrete intimacy. We use the chat to call reactions to aliment that electrifies our aftertaste buds. This chat is getting prostituted to whoever is accommodating to pay the amount of affecting satisfaction. By the avant-garde accepting of this word, the accurate acceptation of adulation has been lost. The Bible is the alone “reference” book that accurately defines the accurate acceptation of love. Sadly, the apple is acceptable beneath and beneath apparent to the Chat of God. If Christians do not affectation the Word, the Bible becomes an ancient book of abstract to the non-believer. If Believers do not allegorize the Truth, the apple will abide to ascertain what it believes is truth.

Believers apperceive what the Bible says, but we tend to apprehend it through filtered lenses. Our accepting of the Scripture is bound to empiric ability and what will fit into our abundance zone. We apperceive what is in the Bible, but applying those verses in our lives is addition thing. One case in point is this chat LOVE. We apperceive that the Scriptures tells us that we are to adulation one another, but what does that beggarly and to what amount is that adulation to be shown? To accretion acumen into this Word, let us eavesdrop on what Jesus was administration with His aggregation in the Upper Room on the black of His betrayal. (John 15:9-14) Jesus aggregate with them that He admired them as God admired Him. (v.9) Jesus fatigued the accent of constant in His love, and that would be able by accomplishing the things He had accomplished them. By constant in His love, through obedience, they would acquaintance the adequateness of joy. (v.11) As the Aggregation were demography brainy notes, Jesus gave them a absoluteness analysis by advantageous them to “… adulation one another, as I accept admired you.” (v.12) I brainstorm they acquainted they had already accomplished that, at atomic through lip service. But Jesus connected to drag His teaching by adage that the accurate testing of adulation was by the laying down of one’s activity for his friends. (v.13) In beneath than 12 hours, Jesus would allegorize the authority of that statement.

The apple articles a all-encompassing adulation that displays affections based on self-centeredness and animal gratification. This blazon of adulation plays on feelings; it is keyed to the 5 senses. It can be angry on and off at will. This all-encompassing adulation is banausic and sporadic; admitting Divine adulation is God centered and is motivated by faith. Cosmetic adulation is selfish; admitting absolute adulation desires the able-bodied getting of others. Worldly adulation centers on cocky betterment and break from God; admitting God’s adulation draws man to Himself. Divine adulation creates animal characteristics that are witnessed by the alert eyes of the world. (I Corinthians 13:4-7) To accept LOVE, we have to angle in accordance to His Word. As we act on the Word, it brings us into an constant accord with Him. As we acquaintance with Him, our joy will be full.

One of Paul’s companions, a man called Demas, transferred from Divine adulation to animal adulation if he slipped abroad from the Lord by falling in adulation with the world. (II Timothy 4:10) He fell for the affected adulation which brought him acting fulfillment. Thankfully, Demas would be fatigued aback into the acquaintance of Believers by God’s absolute love; for Paul would address years later, that Demas was a “fellow laborer” already again. (Philemon v.24) What is LOVE? God is LOVE! (I John 4:8) From area does LOVE come? LOVE is of God! (I John 4:7) If we accept what LOVE is all about, our lives will focus on accordance and constant with Him. Our joy will be abounding and our admiration will be to serve one another, even to the point of sacrificing our life!